A healthier alternative to natural sweeteners with a lower glycemic index content of 35 compared to granulated sugar with a glycemic index of 60-65. In addition, coconut sugar contains insulin which helps to slow down glucose absorption.


Organic Palm Sugar

Our organic Palm Sugar  is made from 100% palm tree sap by experienced farmers in Indonesia and processed in a simple way so that the quality of its natural ingredients is still maintained with the original delicious caramel color and taste.

organic coconut sugar -


Organic Compact Sugar

Our organic compact sugar is made either from Coconut’s tree sap or Palm tree’s sap.  The process is quite the same as powder organic coconut and palm sugar, the sap is boiled until thicken and poured into mold. Sometimes the mold is from the coconut shell but mold sugar has various types of shapes

Organic Compact Sugar - Tuan Kelapa


Organic coconut Liquid Sugar

The thick texture of coconut sugar syrup with a sweet taste and the unique coconut aroma can be a substitute for granulated sugar for various foods and drinks.


Coconut Pot

Say goodbye to the old plastic pot and hello to a latest trend of beautiful environmentally friendly coco pot! A pretty pot with all coconut fiber with the beautiful natural brown color. 

coconut coir husk flower pot
coconut coir husk flower pot