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Organic Coconut Sugar – Tuan Kelapa

Organic coconut sugar – Tuan Kelapa is produced from coconut’s sap with a simple process so that its natural content is still very good. The texture of the palm sugar is like soft granulated sugar with natural brown color. To get good quality of the palm sugar, the palm sap must be cooked immediately after taken from the tree. During the process of cooking the sap in a large skillet, bubbles will appear, which is the fine dirt that was left when the sap was taken beforehand. This foam is taken so as not to affect the quality of the palm sugar. The process of cooking sap is carried out until it becomes caramelized at a certain temperature.

Experienced farmers do not use special thermometers and rely more on experience and instinct to determine the maturity level of caramels. After cooking, the skillet will be removed from the stove and the caramel will be stirred manually continuously until the temperature has decreased and the caramel has hardened, then it is scraped and filtered. To reduce the water content, the palm sugar will be heated in the oven. After all the processes are complete, the palm sugar will be packaged in a certain amount and the final product of the palm sugar is ready to be distributed or consumed.

“Tuan Kelapa” Organic Coconut  Sugar is made from 100% organic coconut’s sap by experienced farmers in Indonesia and is processed in a simple way so that the quality of its natural ingredients is still preserved with the original delicious caramel flavor and aroma.

The low glycemic index content of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar can be a healthy alternative sweetener to your food and beverages so you can still enjoy the sweetness of sugar without worrying about high insulin spikes.

Because it is organic from coconut sap that thrives in Indonesia as a tropical country, Tuan Kelapa’s Organic Coconut Palm Sugar has good nutrition for the body. Organic Coconut Palm Sugar contains about 16 calories and 4 grams of carbohydrates per teaspoon while granulated sugar does not contain nutrients or known as “empty nutrition“.

In addition, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar also rich in antioxidants, iron, potassium and calcium. Tuan Kelapa’s Organic Coconut Palm Sugar can be an excellent alternative to sweeteners because it is healthier and does not go through the refining process that granulated sugar goes through.

  • 100% organic
  • gluten free
  • naturally vegan
  • healthier alternative to regular sugar
  • mindfully delicious with the warm taste of caramel coconut flavor


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