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Organic Coconut Sugar Healthier and Sustainable Sweetener Alternative

Sweet Is the Best Taste in Life

Sweet is the best taste in life, of course, sweetness will taste better if it’s healthy. There are many healthier sweetener alternatives lately and one of them is coconut palm sugar.

The coconut sugar is made from the sap or nira (Indonesian) of the flower bud stem of the coconut tree, not from the coconut fruit itself. Coconut sugar is also referred as palm sugar and it has been used as traditional sweeteners over centuries mostly in tropical country which has many flourishing coconut trees farm such as Southeast Asia.

Coconut Sugar as a Healthier Substitute to Refined Sugar

organic coconut sugar -

The low glycemic index content of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar compared to refined sugar can be a healthy alternative sweetener to your food and drinks so you can still enjoy the sweetness of sugar without worrying about high insulin spikes.

Because it is organic from coconut sap that thrives in Indonesia as a tropical country, Tuan Kelapa’s Organic Coconut Palm Sugar has good nutrition for the body. Organic Coconut Palm Sugar contains about 16 calories and 4 grams of carbohydrates per teaspoon while granulated sugar does not contain nutrients or known as “empty nutrition“.

In addition, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar also rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, iron, potassium and calcium zinc and has better electrolytes with less fructose which cause multiple health issues. Tuan Kelapa’s Organic Coconut Palm Sugar can be an excellent alternative to sweeteners because it is healthier and does not go through the refining process that granulated sugar goes through.

How Coconut Sugar is made

Our Coconut Sugar is made from 100% organic coconut’s sap by experienced farmers in Indonesia and is processed in a simple way so that the quality of its natural ingredients is still preserved with the original delicious caramel color and flavor.

To get good quality of the coconut sugar, the coconut’s sap must be cooked immediately after taken from the tree. We use traditional hand-cooked method to make the coconut sugar. During the process of cooking the sap in a large skillet bubbles will appear, which is the fine dirt that was left when the sap was taken from the tree. This foam is taken so as not to affect the quality of the coconut sugar. The process of cooking sap is carried out until it becomes caramelized at a certain temperature.

Experienced farmers do not use special thermometers and rely more on experience and instinct to determine the maturity level of caramels. After cooking, the skillet will be removed from the stove and the caramel will be stirred manually continuously until the temperature has decreased and the caramel has hardened, then it is scraped and filtered. To reduce the water content, the palm sugar will be heated in the oven. After all the processes are complete, the palm sugar will be packaged in a certain amount and the final product of the palm sugar is ready to be distributed or consumed.

Our coconut sugar is made without additives, flavorings, coloring, preservatives or other chemicals input to ensure the best flavor, aroma and quality.

Tuan Kelapa’s Coconut palm sugar is a healthier alternative to natural sweeteners with a lower glycemic index content of 35 compared to granulated sugar with the glycemic index of 60-65. In addition, coconut sugar contains insulin which helps to slow down glucose absorption. Coconut Palm Sugar is also more nutritious because it contains antioxidants, iron, potassium and calcium.

Made with organic coconut sap with the simple process, without any preservatives added, made our Coconut Palm Sugar healthier. The delicious coconut sugar flavor and its unique aroma will be a healthier and tastier sweetener alternative to your various foods and drinks.

Coconut Sugar Taste Mindfully Delicious

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The texture of the palm sugar is like soft granulated sugar with natural brown color which will melt and blend gently in recipes which is perfect for any food, beverages, bakery, cooking, food seasoning and juices.

The sweet caramel-ish flavor with the mild aroma of coconut taste mindfully delicious to make your favorite food and beverages even better.

Our coconut sugar devoid any chemical inputs, not using any preservatives and unbleached so that anyone can enjoy sweetness without worrying insulin spikes.

Coconut sugar as the Most Sustainable Sweetener in the World

United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) calls Coconut Sugar as “Single most sustainable sweetener in the world”, farmers harvest all year round and use every part of the coconut tree.

Coconut tree once it is tapped, the sap can flow continuously for the next 20+ years, this is highly sustainable and supportive of tree itself.

Coconut palm also produces more than 50% to 70% of coconut sugar per acre compare to sugar cane without depleting the soil and at the same time, they use 20% of the soil nutrients and water for that high level production. Over years, coconut tree able to improve soil structure, fertility and water conservation.

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