Healthy Halal Sugar

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Healthy Sugar

Sweet is the best taste in which means sap, including life, of course, sweetness will taste better if it's healthy

Here are many healthier sweetener alternaves lately and one of them is palm sugar.
It is called palm sugar because it refers to its main ingredient, which is the extract from the palm family tree called nira (Indonesian) which means sap, including palm sap, coconut sap and others.

Healthy Sugar

The texture of the palm sugar is like so granulated sugar with natural brown color.

To get good quality of the palm sugar, the palm sap must be cooked immediately aer taken from the tree.

Healthy Sugar

During the process of cooking the sap in a large skillet, bubbles will appear, which is the fine dirt that was le when the sap was taken beforehand.

This foam is taken so as not to affect the quality of the palm sugar. The process of cooking sap is carried out unl it becomes caramelized at a certain temperature..
Experienced farmers do not use special thermometers and rely more on experience and insnct to determine the maturity level of caramels.
After cooking, the skillet will be removed from the stove and the caramel will be srred manually connuously unl the temperature has decreased and the caramel has hardened, then it is scraped and filtered. To reduce the water content, the palm sugar will be heated in the oven. Aer all the processes are complete, the palm sugar will be packaged in a certain amount and the final product of the palm sugar is ready to be distributed or consumed.
The process of making our palm sugar without adding any chemicals, arficial coloring and preservaves so that the final result is healthier.

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