Tuan Kelapa Compact Sugar Coconut 2

Organic Compact Sugar

In Indonesia, Compact sugar/Mold Sugar or Block sugar has become legends for centuries for its taste and shape and is well known for its name “Gula Jawa”. Our compact sugar is made either from Coconut’s tree sap or Palm tree’s sapThe process is quite the same as powder coconut and palm sugar, the sap is boiled until thicken and poured into mold.

For your information, organic compact sugar still has a fairly high-water content so that the risk of melting during the shipping process can affect its shape and quality. To prevent this product from the risk, we have a special treatment so it won’t affect the shape and quality during the shipping process.


Coconut and Palm Sugar Cube

Coconut sugar and palm sugar cube with the cubical shape of 2.5cmx2.5cm, perfect for any beverages even for baking and cooking.

Tuan Kelapa - Palm Sugar Cube
Tuan Kelapa - Palm Sugar Cube

Coconut and Palm Sugar Cylinder

Natural brown color, deep caramel taste with the cylindrical shape of diameter of 2,5 cm and a height of 2.5 cm. 

Tuan Kelapa - Coconut Sugar Cylinder
Tuan Kelapa - Coconut Sugar Cylinder
Palm Sugar Coin - Tuan Kelapa (1)
Tuan Kelapa - Palm Sugar Coin

 Coconut/Palm Coin Sugar

Level up your sugar experience with our unique coconut sugar and palm sugar which shaped round and cylinder like coin. Ideal for baking, cooking, toppings and even beverages.