Welcome to Tuan Kelapa! As a specialized in organic coconut’s sugar from Indonesia, we produce and export our organic coconut sugar worldwide. If you are looking for information and organic coconut sugar products, you are in the right place.

Tuan Kelapa is located in Cilacap Regency, Central Java. We grew up in this area, which is the heart of Coconut Sugar in Indonesia. Geographical conditions and soil culture in our area produce raw material for coconut sugar with the best quality in the world. We have been familiar with coconut plants since forever that make us understand very well how to make coconut sugar with the finest quality. We know exactly from how to choose raw materials, the production process to the final products.

We offer our organic coconut sugar in both bulk and private label to your ideal package needs. We also provide the best deliver personalized services as your supplier of the finest organic coconut product. 

How Our Organic Coconut Sugar is Made

Our Coconut Sugar is made from 100% organic coconut’s sap which is hand-cooked with less process to maintain the quality of the products.

Furtherly, Tuan Kelapa is not only focus on the quality of products. We are also concerned about our employee’s welfare and environmental sustainability. The process of coconut sugar is traditional to minimize the production waste and other environmental damage.

Tuan Kelapa - How our coconut sugar is made

Our Commitment

The core of our commitment as coconut’s sugar experts is to make sure that our products are 100% organic that have passed the selection stage by dedicated quality control to ensure that our ingredients and final products are the finest quality

We are also concern about the local community hence why we keep all of our products free from any chemical inputs which can pose a risk not only to our customers but also to the surrounding ecological system and our employees. As a growing part where coconut trees have grown in abundance since centuries, we don’t want to add any chemicals even to the soil where the coconut tree grows to the manufacturing process of the product.

We proudly reassure that our products are plant based, 100% organic, non-GMO, vegan friendly, naturally friendly with less process, unrefined, free from any preservatives, additives, or other chemical inputs.

Organic Coconut Sugar - Tuan Kelapa
Organic Coconut Sugar - Tuan Kelapa


We provide the best prices with unquestionable quality products, to guarantee the quality from the farmers to the certified production.

CONTROL UNION Certified - Tuan Kelapa

Control Union Certified Control Union Certified proves that we comply food safety standards

We are committed to providing the best with 100% organic, plant base, unrefined, unbleached, non-GMO products.

HACCP Certified - Tuan Kelapa

being certified by HACCP is a benchmark that the food we offer is of high quality and free from harmful ingredients

Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a document that proves and explains our product has gone through accredited laboratory testing before being exported. We ensure that our products are fit for consumption and the distribution requirements.

COA Certified - Tuan Kelapa
MSDS Certified - Tuan Kelapa

affirms that our product are safe, MSDS is necessary documents containing important information about chemical products or dangerous goods

FAIR TRADE – one of the Fair trade aim is to address gender inequality. We pay a close attention to the issue of gender equality hence we employ at least 40% female workers. Furthermore, no minors are employed in our company, all of our employees are adult which is skilled and professional.

FAIRTRADE Certified - Tuan Kelapa
HALAL Certified - Tuan Kelapa

Being part of one of the most Muslim countries in the world, it’s nothing new for us to ensure that our products are halal.