5 Easy Tips for Storing Palm Sugar You Have to Try


Storing palm sugar, especially in the form of blocks or compacts, is a bit tricky. Because palm sugar sometimes still has water content due to the less process without the addition of chemicals. And even it is crystallized, but at a certain temperature palm sugar can melt and make its quality decrease.

This material is prone to damage if you are not careful when buying and neglect to store it. Here’s a guide that can be tried so that the palm sugar can last longer and the taste is maintained.

1. Measure the number of purchases according to the frequency of cooking

Estimate the amount of palm sugar used for several times of cooking, don’t impulse buying that can make your palm sugar overstocked. Fot block or compact pal sugar, don’t forget to place them with spaces in the container and don’t store palm sugar by stacking it without gaps. If there are many pieces of palm sugar in one container, then the risk of the container becoming damp is even greater. Because palm sugar that is not stored properly tends to decrease in quality and is prone to damage.

2. Make sure you buy a good quality palm sugar

Palm sugar that is not good will usually show characteristics such as moldy palm sugar. Apart from being damp, the cause of moldy palm sugar is the quality of the palm sugar itself. Choose palm sugar which has yellow-brownish color. Avoid palm sugar which is black. Usually the blackish sugar is overcooked. In addition to affecting the color of food, black palm sugar can damage the taste of food as well. Always choose palm sugar that has good smell, fresh and natural. Avoid palm sugar which has a sour taste. Usually the sugar is mixed with chemicals that make it runny and stale quickly.

3. Store in an airtight container and avoid exposure to sunlight

Storing brown sugar in an airtight container is also effective in removing mold in palm sugar. Jars containing palm sugar would be better stored in a cool, dark, and away from heat sources. Keep the sugar out of the sun so it doesn’t melt. Get used to also arrange the sugar neatly. In addition to making it easier, storing sugar neatly can prevent brown sugar from spoiling.

4. Do not use a wet spoon or knife when taking brown sugar

A simple but often overlooked tip, so as not to melt, make sure you use a dry spoon and knife. Because palm sugar is sensitive to water even though it’s only slightly wet. Just a little water  exposed, the sugar will be easily moist and sticky.

5. Store palm sugar in the refrigerator

Place the palm sugar in an airtight sealed container, then put it in the refrigerator so it can last longer. On the other hand, don’t expose palm sugar to direct sunlight and close to strong-smelling foods and liquid foods. The cold air in the fridge will help the sugar harden and last longer. How long does palm sugar last in the refrigerator? Usually if palm sugar is stored neatly in an airtight container and stored in the refrigerator, sugar can last up to two years

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