10 Amazing Health Benefit of Palm Sugar

10 Amazing Health Benefit of Palm Sugar


Aside of being a natural sweetener in cooking, baking and beverages, palm sugar also has many benefits for the health of the body.

The low calorie and low glycemic index makes palm sugar healthier than the regular white sugar. Palm sugar also a good natural sweetener r because it is processed without using chemicals.

Palm sugar is often used as a substitute for granulated sugar for people with high blood sugar levels or diabetes. This palm sugar also has a number of nutrients that are important for the body, such as vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper, and phytonutrients such as polyphenols, flavonoids and anthocyanins.

Furthermore, palam sugar also contains high enough fructose and sucrose to provide a natural and healthy sweet taste. In addition, consuming palm sugar is believed to be an energy booster when experiencing fatigue.

Here are 10 Amazing Health Benefit of Palm Sugar you might have to know

  1. Boost immunity

Palm sugar contains antioxidants that are useful for maintaining immunity. Antioxidants help prevent inflammation and infection that can lower immunity. Palm sugar is also able to increase energy quickly. This effect is able to overcome fatigue due to lack of energy.

  1. Antiseptic effect

Palm sugar has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Both are able to help wound healing and prevent infection. Palm sugar can be useful for healing canker sores on the gums or lips. Palm sugar is also able to fight allergic reactions such as skin allergies, breathing, to digestion.

  1. Overcoming Anemia

Do you know that Iron deficiency will cause anemia? Since Brown sugar is rich in iron and folate, the iron in palm sugar has the benefit of increasing the production of red blood cells so that it can help overcome the problem of anemia.

  1. Treat thrush

Consuming palm sugar directly can be an alternative medicine to treat canker sores. Palm sugar is effective in treating canker sores because it contains niacin. Palm sugar can treat canker sores on the gums and lips.

  1. Energy Booster

The calorie of palm sugar can be relied on as an alternative energy boost when the body feels tired. The high content of iron and folate is useful for overcoming fatigue and weakness. If you experience complaints of weakness and lack of energy, you can consume coffee or tea that has been mixed with palm sugar in an adjusted portion.

  1. Good for Digestion

Consuming palm sugar is efficacious for digestion. It has high fiber content and the active minerals can keep the body away from various diseases. The inulin in palm sugar is beneficial for digestive health. Inulin is a fermentable prebiotic fiber, which is beneficial for gut bacteria. When digestion is having problems, palm sugar can help the body in overcoming these problems

  1. Warm the body

Palm sugar has the property of warming the body. Mixing palm sugar into a warm cup of beverage and drinking it when the body is cold, is effective in making the body warmer. This is because palm sugar is able to maintain the stability of body temperature.

  1. Relieve fever and flu

Its anti-inflammatory and warming properties make palm sugar a great solution for colds and flu. Consuming warm beverages with palm sugar can prevent and relieve fever and flu. Palm sugar is able to neutralize body temperature which can reduce fever.

  1. Prevent obesity

Compared to white sugar, palm sugar tends to be low in calories. Consumption of palm sugar in sufficient quantities is able to control body weight and prevent obesity. Low calories in palm sugar are perfect for effective weight loss. Palm sugar can be an alternative sweetener for the diet. Being overweight and obese are risk factors for diabetes and its complications. However, the amount of consumption also needs to be considered so as not to overdo it.

  1. Anti-aging effect

Antioxidants and B vitamins in palm sugar can prevent signs of premature aging on the skin. These signs of aging include wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

Palm sugar also helps protect the skin from various problems such as acne and blackheads. Palm sugar can moisturize and smooth the skin. These benefits will certainly make the skin cleaner, fresher and younger looking.

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