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Organic Palm Sugar

From the heart of where coconut trees thrives in Javanese landscape of Indonesian archipelago, we produce the finest organic brown sugar and export our product worldwide.

Healthy Sugar

why Organic Coconut Sugar?

To enjoy sweet flavor without worrying high insulin spikes, replacing your regular table sugar to organic sugar is a must. Our organic coconut sugar is free from any artificial food additives or preservatives and processed traditionally to maintain the excellent quality.

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Healthy Sugar

the finest Organic Coconut Sugar

Unlike the cane sugar, to get the finest organic  coconut sugar, all process is done traditionally and can not be substituted with machine. This is also the reason why organic coconut sugar is containing numbers of important minerals such as amino acids, antioxidants, iron, potassium and calcium and high in B-Vitamin

How our organic coconut sugar is made

Our coconut Sugar is made from 100% organic from coconut sap which is hand-cooked with a less process.  Once it has cooled then it is scrapped and filtered to get the granule texture.

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We ensure that the products we provide have gone through the process of international qualification standards and regulations for high quality final products. Supported by the great team that is competent in their fields, we serve domestic customers and export our products to various countries in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe.